Stoplight SmartColumns

In a report that contains extensive data, how can action-items be quickly highlighted and addressed?  Indicator symbols, or stoplights, are a great method for determining, at-a-glance, which project items need attention. Milestones Professional and Project Companion use the Stoplight SmartColumn to display built-in green, yellow, red, and blue indicators, or up to 10 custom stoplights. Get the FREE E-Book
Stoplights and Indicators
The Stoplight SmartColumn offers two basic methods for displaying stoplight symbols, text and colors based on user-entered numbers 1 to 4, or 1 to 10.
1 Standard Stoplights: Built-in stoplights appear based on user-enter numbers (1 = green, 2 = yellow, 3 = red, 4 = blue). G, Y, R, and B can appear with the stoplights. Optionally, display color-fills instead of the stoplights.
2 Custom Stoplights: Assign numbers 1 through 10 to any symbol, color and optional text. Optionally, display color-fills instead of the stoplights.

Stoplights are a great tool for a variety of situations.  For instance, budget reports are simple to comprehend with Stoplights for Over, On, or Under budget.  Or, use Stoplights to label ahead, behind, or on-time tasks.  At-a-glance status reports have never been easier!

Milestones’ basics Stoplights come in 4 colors, which allows for an added level of flexibility.  In addition to “Go/No-Go” and “Over/Under/On” reports, tasks can be labeled Ahead, On-Track, Behind-but-Recoverable, and Behind-not-Recoverable.

Custom Stoplights allow for complete control over the symbol shape, color, and text.  With up to 10 Custom Stoplights available, the possible combinations are endless!