Case Study - Marketing, Sales, and Public Relations

Milestones Professional

for Marketing, Sales and Public Relations

Milestones Professional's unique design make it an excellent tool for putting together and tracking your next marketing campaign.  With Milestones, you can:

Plan your PR and advertising campaigns.
Track sales and see if your efforts are paying off.
Relate sales trends to marketing activities.
Present implementation schedules to your customers.
Plan and track all of your marketing and sales projects.
Keep lines of communications open on team projects.
Roll Out Your Next Marketing Campaign With Milestones
View the status of all of your projects at a glance: 
     With Milestones Professional, organizing your projects is easy.  This example shows the main production stages for a game manufacturer.  The highlighted (yellow) reflects the original schedule, and is easy to compare to the actual schedule.

Marketing Sales & PR Example Schedules