Milestones Professional for Government

  • Fast, easy scheduling - learn it in minutes
  • Earned value graphics - great for contractors
  • Include schedules in your PowerPoint presentations and Word documents.
  • Internet publishing wizard lets you publish a whole set of schedules, complete with hotspots to details.
QUESTION:  Is there software available that can make my job easier, and help me communicate important project information with others?
ANSWER: Yes! KIDASA's Milestones Professional software is the perfect solution.  PC Magazine called Milestones Professional "The best of its breed" in its April 4th issue.  

Here's why Milestones Professional is the best:

  • Fast, easy, scheduling - You won't find an easier project scheduling solution.  Just click, drag and drop to build your schedules.  Even new users will build stunning, presentation-ready schedules... in minutes!
  • Earned value graphics - Have your contractors use Milestones for earned value reporting.  See, at a glance, how the contract is performing.  Click here to read more!
  • Communicate World Wide - Once you've put together your schedules, it's easy to distribute them to management, suppliers and others.  Use our web publishing wizard or have others download our free Milestones schedule viewer.  They'll be able to view and print whatever you create!   
  • Integrate Cost and Schedule - Any numerical information such as cost or labor hours can be easily included along with your schedule.  (See example at bottom of this page) 
Presentation Perfect "Exciting Gantt charts" in minutes 
With Milestones Professional, you and your co-workers can put together crisp, clear project schedules in a matter of minutes.

No more scrambling with PowerPoint for your next schedule presentation. 

Unlike PowerPoint, Milestones is date driven, so making and changing schedules is easy.

"I'm thoroughly impressed. These programs make the best use of modern programming methods of any program I've used in the last several years. As a result, their ease of use is outstanding. I produced the first Gantt chart in about 6 minutes, start to finish. Your company should be congratulated for producing such a fine pair of products." (Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency -  Documentation team)
"My boss got some kudos from the highest levels of management here for being the only one to have his entire act together - via MILESTONES color printout schedules!!  That remarkable occurrence was not lost on him...  Way to go, KIDASA!! " I feel like we've taken a quantum leap in our group's ability to manage our programs/projects professionally... and I hope division and directorate see the value in this product really soon."  (Bill Hale - Engineer, US Air Force)
"This is a GREAT product!" (Project Manager - Sandia National Laboratories)
 "Bravo Zulu (Navy-ese for Great Job!)" (US Navy Officer)