Using Milestones Professional and Simplicity for your Business

Milestones Professional and Simplicity for Business 

  • Track numbers along with your schedule 
  • Easily share your schedules with our free Viewer
  • Make stunning, presentation schedules in minutes!
"Exciting" Gantt charts in minutes!
You may have tried other project scheduling software, but have you ever been able to put together presentation-ready project plans in a matter of minutes?

Listen to what the Project Management Institute (PMI) had to say about our Milestones Simplicity product:

"In the fast-paced world of project management, proposals and just-in-time projects, even the most experienced project managers crave the speed of fast and simple software to handle daily mundane chores.  It has arrived!  I just discovered a supersonic way to create schedules for last-minute proposals:  software aptly named Milestones Simplicity by KIDASA Software, Inc.  A software company based in Austin, Texas, KIDASA has the right idea about getting schedules and calendars out in a hurry."  

Wow the investors with a 1-page business plan!
Investors don't want to wade through a 60 page business plan.  They want the big picture, but the also want the details.  Now, you can put your entire plan down on one page.  The schedule below, made with Milestones Professional shows a company's 3-year plan, breaks down their expenses and shows that they will be profitable in the third year.


Which product do I need?
We think the answer to that question is one of our two Milestones products.  If your needs are for producing presentation-ready schedules in minutes, Milestones Simplicity is for you!  If you need more power, check out Milestones Professional.  Click here for a comparison.
What if? Analysis with Milestones Professional
Do you have a budget to manage?  Is it a challenge scheduling all the work that needs to be done and still stay within your budget?  Milestones Professional's new "Symbol ValueSets" let you play "what if?" with your project budgets.


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Instantly communicate with suppliers and customers world-wide
Click to enlarge     Milestones Professional offers a powerful, yet simple to operate Internet Publishing Wizard.  The wizard, the first of its kind in the project scheduling world, can take a whole set of schedules and instantly create HTML & graphics files you can post on your Intranet or the Internet.  Click here to read more.