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Valley Commercial Contractors, located in Woodland Hills, California, uses Milestones Professional to schedule commercial construction projects and communicate schedules with their clients.

"I use Milestones instead of other project management tools because it's easier to use and more flexible. Even though I have Microsoft Project, I end up using Milestones about 90% of the time," says John Mattson.  A Contract Administrator at Valley Commercial Contractors, John has used KIDASA's Milestones software since Version 3.0. 

Mr. Mattson oversees internal work schedules and contracts created by the company's project managers. He uses Milestones Professional to put the final touches on the documents and then prints them out to fax to customers. Knowing that many of his clients have different requirements for their schedules, he appreciates Milestones' flexibility. 

"Milestones has printing options that allow me to print schedules just about any way I want. It has true fit to page printing that makes it easy to fit my schedules on any sized paper. I can also easily create a 5 day work week in Milestones that can't be done in Microsoft Project," he said.

Click here to view one of John Mattson's schedules:
Here's why John likes Milestones Professional's "scale to fit" better than Project's
"Project's scale to fit option scales both the height and width at the same reduction, whereas Milestones Professional has the option to scale the height and width separately to fill the page. For example, you might create a landscape schedule for legal (8.5" X 14") paper then want to scale the schedule to fit letter (8.5" X 11") size page. Project will scale down the height by the same amount as it needs to scale down the width to fit the letter size page. Milestones has the added option of scaling down the width of the schedule without reducing the height.  The result is a better looking schedule."
Here is what John has to say about 5-day work week display:
"Milestones Professional allows the Gantt chart to have a 5-Day (normal) work week. This not only allows more weeks to be shown on a page, but schedules look better. For example, with Project if you set a timescale to weeks and set the Gantt chart to show vertical lines for weeks, a task that is one "week" will not span the full width of the week because Project leaves a gap showing Saturday and Sunday, which appears like the task is Monday thru Wednesday."
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