Case Study - Architecture and Construction

Milestones Professional 

for Architecture and Construction


Your clients want to know....
When will you start the work?
When will the work be done?
How much will the project cost?
   You've heard these questions before.  This time, present the answers before the questions even get asked.  Gain customer trust and confidence and win more business in the process!
Recommended at the AIA Convention
"I can do things in Milestones that are simply not possible with other project management software." 
KIDASA's Milestones software was recommended at a recent American Institute of Architects (AIA) National Convention for its ease-of-use and flexibility in presenting information in a format clients understand. View the PowerPoint slides presented at the convention or Download the PowerPoint presentation. (allow 3-5 minutes to download at 28.8)

Valley Commercial Contractors uses Milestones to schedule their commercial construction projects and communicate schedules with their clients.  Click here to read more and to view some excellent schedule examples.

Science Center Campus Workplan
Fast-Tracked Project
Master Plan - Study
Phasing Schedule
Concepts Work Plan
   Example Architecture Schedules
Habitat for Humanity schedules with Milestones Professional
Several Habitat for Humanity chapters schedule home construction projects with Milestones Professional. Click here to see a typical Habitat for Humanity house schedule.