Boeing Licenses KIDASA's Milestones software for Worldwide Use

LongbowAustin, Texas, May 5, 1999 - KIDASA Software, Inc. announced today that the Boeing Company has licensed its Milestones software for enterprise-wide use.

The world-wide site license, which includes provisions for home use and for travel use, lets Boeing employees use Milestones on any computer in the world.

"We are very pleased with this site licensing arrangement.", said Susan Butler, President and CEO of KIDASA Software. "Boeing has always been one of our most important customers and has played a part in Milestones' evolution. We have implemented numerous ideas and suggestions offered by Boeing engineers, planners and managers."

The licensing arrangement fits in with the Boeing goal of establishing cost-effective enterprise licenses for all widely used desktop software products. Boeing has been a user of KIDASA's Milestones software since 1990.

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