Case Study - One Page Business Report

As an account manager for a Fortune 500 high tech company in the enterprise software space, I'm responsible for managing an assigned set of accounts to ensure their software deployments are running smoothly and on a safe path for future upgrades, new rollouts and key product integrations. 

Each account demands excellent communication skills across multiple teams, precise attention to time sensitive details, and strict adherence to company escalation procedures to ensure the right resources are made available at the right times.  At the end of the day, the goal is to create satisfied customers that are willing to give positive product references on my company's behalf.

  The problem with the software applications at my company was, they didn’t allow me to track and
communicate key account information in a unified, logical timeline fashion. In fact, my attempts to use multiple spreadsheets & Word documents forced my customers and co-workers to scroll through pages of text & data in order to get just a basic overview of important dates & deadlines.  There had to be an easier way.

The solution was Milestones Professional.
As a satisfied user of Milestones Professional for several years now, I just knew this product was the best way for me to solve my problem and satisfy the requirements of my customers and co-workers with ease. 

My strategy involved the use of 2 different Milestones Professional schedules: (a Customer Status Report & a Support Case Tracking Schedule). Each schedule had a distinct purpose. 
 1. Customer Status Report Milestones Professional Schedule
This schedule gave me and my account team an easy way to view the current status of software upgrade projects, contract renewal/expiration dates, customer satisfaction levels, as well as weekly updates on general account activity…ALL ON A SINGLE PAGE!!!!
  • First and foremost, the ability to communicate key account details on a single page.  This is HUGE!
  • The ability to use a variety of different symbols, combined with the schedule legend, make it easy to track & communicate relevant account dates and events.
  • “Stoplight” columns make it easy to see the overall satisfaction level of my accounts at a glance.
  • The notes column gives my team a quick way to view key account updates/highlights.
  • Milestones “symbol text” feature allows me to annotate areas of my schedule for further clarification.
  • Symbol hyperlinks allow me to link additional documentation to various symbols.  For example: I link PDF contract renewal documents to every software renewal symbol used on my schedule.
  • The “web publishing” feature allows me to post my schedule on my company’s intranet site so my team can get the latest status without having to call me or send an email.
Download Schedule View PDF
 2. Support Case Tracking Schedule
This schedule gave me the ability to track and manage key technical support cases so that each customer was informed of the troubleshooting taking place, suggested workarounds or resolutions that are proposed, as well as future target dates to fix software bugs and develop feature enhancements.
  • The ability to view the overall support state of any given customer.  (The above schedule is filtered to show only customer “AQ”).
  • “Stoplight” columns make it easy to see both the severity of each case, as well as the current state.
  • The comments column gives my customer a quick way to see the latest updates on each case. 
  • Milestones “symbol notes” feature allows me to keep detailed technical notes about each case. They can even be printed out on a separate page!
  • Milestones “sort” and “filter” features allow me to view and report on such details as (Severity 1 only cases, or cases with customers on Version 5.0, or show all cases with an action state of “in progress”, etc.  This is very useful!
  • KIDASA’s free viewer is perfect!  It allows me to share this schedule with my customers.  And for anyone too lazy to use this viewer, I can simply paste my schedule data into Excel or generate a PDF file to send via email.

Download Schedule View PDF
Thank you KIDASA Software for a truly innovative product that allows me to improve account communication & enhance the overall productivity of my work.  You’ve allowed me to simplify my strategy from a clumsy 14 file approach (of both spreadsheets and Word documents) down to 2 very slick Milestones Professional schedules!
Pat Daniels