Create Presentation Reports For Microsoft Project
with Milestones Professional
Transform your Microsoft Project schedules into better-looking executive-level presentation reports with Milestones Professional.

Create Gantt, Milestone, Summary, Stoplight, Status, Resource, Earned Value, Dashboard, Coded Summary, or Custom schedules using Milestones Professional's Microsoft Project to Milestones Wizard.

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Requires Microsoft Project
  Presentation Schedule or Report

The free e-book Create Presentation Reports for Microsoft Project offers an overview for those who want to learn how to:

  • Create presentation earned value reports for a Microsoft Project MPP file or from Project Server.  Reports can include earned value graphics.  S-curves of BCWP/BCWS (EV/PV) can be presented in a concise and visually pleasing way.
  • Create reports for several Microsoft Project server schedules.
  • Create Integrated Master schedules for Microsoft Project and keep them up-to-date as Microsoft Project dates change.
  • Create dashboard charts for Microsoft Project.
  • Create milestone charts for Microsoft Project in a variety of formats.

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