How to locate your serial number


Within the software - (as entered at installation)

  1. In versions prior to 2008, from within your Milestones software, choose About Milestones.
  2. Your serial number should be displayed on the dialog box.
  • For Milestones Professional, your serial number will start with an M.
  • For Milestones Project Companion, your serial number will start with a P.
  • For Milestones Simplicity, your serial number will start with an S.

On the software manual or box - (if hardcopy of product purchased)

If you still have your software box or manual, check for the serial number sticker on the first page of the manual and on the bottom of the box.

In your records (in an e-mail received from our sales department)

If you purchased software via the KIDASA Software web site you received via e-mail a receipt which includes your serial number.  Search your e-mail for an e-mail from

In our records

If all else fails and you can not find your serial number, you still might be eligible for an upgrade.  Contact KIDASA Software sales and we will search our records.  When requesting a serial number search, please provide:
  • Your name
  • Company name if purchased for a company
  • Approximately when the software was purchased
  • Name of product purchased