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By now we hope your Milestones 2010 software has settled comfortably on your desktop or laptop and that you have started to explore some of the new features we talked about in our last issue. In this issue we will focus on a few aspects of your software which you may not have tried.  We offer a new Getting Started Movie, a free Preview Handler for Milestones Professional users who also use the x64 platform and of course we offer many answers to many questions!  We hope you will take the time to read the case study submitted by one of our customers who presented his support statistics to management and used a unique stoplight chart to identify support bottlenecks.

Preview Handler Available for Milestones Professional 2010
For our customers using Windows 7 x64, KIDASA is pleased to offer a free Milestones file preview handler that supports the file preview option available both in Windows Explorer and in Outlook 2010 (64 bit version). 

You might want to install the Preview Handler if you frequently receive Milestones Professional schedules via e-mail, as you will be able to see a quick preview of the schedule in Outlook 2010 prior to opening the schedule.

Learn More

New Milestones users: here's a new Getting Started movie for you!

The new Getting Started Movie allows you to direct the movie.  Using the menu, you can choose what you would like to learn.  The main menu offers the four choices seen to the left.  Make a choice and you will be able to drill-down and learn exactly what you need to learn.  Each movie is very short (to prevent boredom!) and the menu scheme is easy to navigate.  Note that sound is required for these movies.  Headphones are recommended if you are in a busy office.  View the new Getting Started Movie

Use the keyboard to navigate dense schedules
On very dense Milestones Professional or Milestones Simplicity schedules the keyboard can be used to move from one symbol to another, to select symbols and even to change symbols.
  • Click once on any symbol on your schedule.
  • Now, you can navigate your schedule without the mouse.  
  • Move to a symbol to the right on the same row: press the keyboard's right arrow.
  • Move to a symbol to the left on the same row: press the keyboard's left arrow.
  • Move to a symbol on the row below: press the keyboard's down arrow.   
  • Change a symbol's date with the keyboard: hold down the SHIFT key and press one of the arrow keys.
  • Edit a symbol (bring up the symbol properties dialog box): CTRL+E

More tips for working with dense schedules

Let Milestones Professional Make your Case
Support Queue Time vs. Customer Queue Time - Service Analysis
One of KIDASA's customers, who manages support accounts for a major software developer uses Milestones Professional to track and monitor customer service requests and generate presentation reports to management.

His use of Milestones Professional has been instrumental in retaining a major customer contract.  How?  By ensuring that both his management and the customer management understand where support bottlenecks are and how they are being addressed. 

Using Red, Yellow, Green stoplights, management can tell at-a-glance where trouble spots lie.

If you are in a support role, you might be interested in reading this customer story and downloading the schedule and template. 

More info about the case-study

September 2010 Tips and Tricks
(Click the question title for the complete answer!)

64 or 32 Bit? Which one to Download?
Question: I am not sure which Milestones Professional version I should download.  Please help.

Legend and Datagraph Placement
Question: Is it possible to have a legend and datagraph(s) shown at the same time?

Make a Hidden Legend Reappear
Question: After I hide the legend, how do I get it to reappear?

Graphics Saved in a Personal Template
Question: Is there a way to save a graphic and freeform text as part of a template?

No Commas in Numbers
Question: How can I delete commas for values which run in the thousands?

Free Viewer
Question: Do you have a viewer for Milestones Professional?

Date Heading Divider Override
Question: In the Date Heading area, is there a way to make the background color dark and the divider lines lighter?

Assign Specific Text to a Toolbox Symbol
Question: Can I show the duration of a horizontal task bar as the text for that bar?

More Tips and Tricks - Visit the Knowledgebase

Did you miss the June newsletter?  Here's what was included:
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  • Milestones Professional 2010 has earned the "Compatible with Windows 7" Logo.
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Milestones in Wide Screen

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