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Create presentation schedules for Primavera and update when the Primavera project changes

Primavera project management software by Oracle is widely used in many industries.

We are frequently asked if it's possible to create Milestones Professional presentation charts using Primavera project plans.  The answer is yes.

Primavera users will find that creating project plans is a straightforward process.  Over 40 basic chart formats are available via the XML Project import wizard.

It's also possible to create a schedule similar to the one to the left.  The individual milestones can be tagged to your Primavera project plan and then updated with the latest Primavera dates when your plan changes.

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March 2011 Tips and Tricks

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Lock symbols to a date when moving or copying the symbol
Question: I remember being able to move a symbol from one line to another in a schedule without the date being changed.  How do I do this?

Move Symbol Text to another location on a crowded schedule
Is it possible to put text (like a Call-out) on the chart and tie it to a specific milestone via a pointer line?  This would be where the milestone may shift but the call-out would stay stationary.

Symbol Text does  not appear
None of my symbol text appears.  In the toolbox I choose a text position as I usually do but still the text does not appear.

Copy a row from one schedule to another
Question: I am trying to copy a task row to another schedule.  So far I haven't been able to get it to work.  Any ideas?

Standard curtains for all projects
Question: I would like the same curtains to appear on all of my schedules.  How can I do this?

ANSI EIA-748 Compliance
Is Milestones Professional EVMS compliant with EIA-748 standards?

Unable to select a bitmap picture on my schedule
Question I have a bitmap image on my schedule that I want to delete.  However, I can't select it.  Any suggestions?

Add my own symbol to the toolbox
Question: I am looking for a way to import a custom symbol to the toolbox.  For example, I would like to show a missile symbol for the project launch date.  Is this possible?

Turn off highlighting between refreshes
Question: I want to use the Tools/Reports/Highlight changed symbols feature but do not want to reset.  I just want to turn off/on the highlighting at will between refreshes.  How do I do that?

Add text to a horizontal bar
Question: I want to have text inside a horizontal bar on my schedule.  Is this possible?

Remove question marks from obsolete milestones after refresh
Question: I chose the option to highlight obsolete symbols when I refreshed my schedule from Microsoft Project. Now all of the obsolete symbols have been replaced with question marks.  What's the easiest way to address this problem?


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  • More Tips and Tricks

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