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New Version! 2010
Continuing the KIDASA tradition of cutting edge technology and innovative project management solutions, Milestones Professional 2010 now offers user interface improvements, advance import options and as always, customer recommendations.     UPGRADE NOW!
KIDASA Software has maintained Milestones Simplicity's legendary ease of use while updating its look. Customers will find the new interactive enhanced toolbar that places formatting changes at their fingertips and an improved default template.     UPGRADE NOW!
Milestones Software has earned the "Compatible with Windows 7" logo.
We are pleased to announce that our family of project management software, which includes Milestones Professional 2010, 2008, and Simplicity 2008, has earned the "Compatible with Windows 7" logo.  This will allow our customers to continue running our software just fine even as they transition to Windows 7.  
What's new in Milestones Software
The list below includes new features for Milestones software. Please note that some of these features are exclusive to Milestones Professional. To get a closer look at what's new, click on the following software movie links.
What's New in Milestones Professional   What's New in Milestones Simplicity
Improved Toolbar
Larger and more meaningful icons make working with your schedules easier than ever.
    Larger Thumbnails  
Instant Text Find  
Find text within your schedule using the toolbar.  Just key the text and press the button.

Before (2008)   Now (2010)  
DataGraph Overlay and Stacked Bars
   With DataGraph overlay you can now have bars and line graphs in one Datagraph, as depicted below.  Also, choose to display the bar graphs as stacked bars.  (Milestones Professional)
Fill the Area Under a Line Graph
  This lets you easily highlight values and quickly see differences. (Milestones Professional)
Percent Complete Shading
This feature fills in the taskline in the schedule area from the left by an amount determined by percent complete. The fill color and gradient fill can be set for this fill area. Its use could be for quick reviews of percent complete. For example a task that is all green in the background could be considered done.  (Milestones Professional)  
Pre-selects for Stoplights
Set up new stoplights easier than ever.  No need to enter values for most common stoplight types.  Just pick from one of these choices which cover 90% of stoplight choices.  (Milestones Professional)
Improved Import Options
Import from Microsoft Project XML format
New XML import option opens the door for other software users to take basic project information and transform it into a presentation ready schedules. 
(Milestones Professional)

Smart Import from Clipboard
Smart Import from Clipboard feature is designed to quickly paste spreadsheet information into a Milestones schedule.
(Milestones Professional)
New Options have been Added to the Microsoft Project to Milestones Wizard.
Gantt step-by-step has new options  
  • Turn on or off summary bars
  • Show a status line
  • Shade task row showing % complete
  • Choose color theme
Right click a symbol to tag to currently selected Microsoft Project task
It's now also possible to tag and refresh with the following Microsoft Project fields:
  • Unique ID
  • Text 1-30
  • Project Server GUID
  • WBS
  • Enterprise Text 1-40
  • Enterprise Project Text 1-40
  • 64 Bit Version Available (Milestones Professional)
  • Select pages for floating legend placement.
  • Current date line can be either on top or behind horizontal bars.
  • Status line can be displayed at 3 different height options.
  • Outline reminder (Milestones Professional)
  • Baseline move warning (Milestones Professional)
  • Hyperlinks can be added to any graphic (Milestones Professional)
  • New toolbar connect button makes connecting symbols easier.
  • Filter by symbol type within date range.
  • Smart Import from Clipboard (Milestones Professional)
  • New method for turning tooltips on and off.
What about Project Companion?
Project Companion will be maintained at the 2008 version.  We will continue to support customers who have purchased Milestones Project Companion 2008.  However, because most customers prefer Milestones Professional and Milestones Simplicity, KIDASA Software has decided to devote all of our energy into those two products.  We hope you will be happy with the upgrade path offered and that you will upgrade your software to Milestones Professional 2010.   Please contact us if you have any questions.
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