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MPUG features Milestones Professional

The Microsoft Project User's Group web site includes an article which will be interesting to any of our customers who also use Microsoft Project.  Here's the first paragraph:

Communication on a lengthy, complex project isn't a simple matter. Multi-year initiatives can require thousands of lines of detail in a project plan. Summarizing those details in an understandable way can vex even the most versatile project manager. Yet, a huge global defense contractor faced just that challenge. As an incentive requirement of a customer contract for building large engines, the defense company needed to come up with a way to make a roadmap that would fit on a single page and still be readable.  Read more on the MPUG web site

Update from Multiple Microsoft Project schedules

Usually one Milestones schedule is updated with the dates from a single Microsoft Project schedule.  However, you may want to create a presentation Milestones schedule which contains dates from several projects you are tracking with Microsoft Project.  Of course, you would like to update the presentation schedule when the dates on the Microsoft Project schedules change.  Is this possible?  YES!

A feature in Milestones Professional 2010 makes it easy to create a list of Microsoft Project schedules which will refresh a single Milestones Professional schedule.  Once the list is created it is saved with the Milestones Professional schedule you will be able to do a single refresh and update the presentation schedule from ALL of the Microsoft Project schedules.

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January 2011 Tips and Tricks

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Use only certain Microsoft Project tasks on a Milestones Integrated Master Schedule (IMS)
Question: Is it possible to only use certain pieces within an Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) file to be viewed in a Milestone Professional template?

Antivirus software indicates Milestones software contains a virus
My antivirus software tells me Milestones has a virus.  Is this true?

Refresh a Milestones Professional schedule from several Microsoft Project Schedules
I want to create a Milestones Professional schedule and refresh it from several Microsoft Project schedules.  Is there a way to accomplish this with one refresh instead of having to refresh once for each Microsoft Project schedule?

Text positioning on a dense master schedule
Question: When I create a master schedule, the text position from the underlying schedules isn't retained.  Is there a way to keep the text positioning on the underlying schedule?

Microsoft Project Refresh reports
Question: When we do a refresh from Microsoft Project, is there a way to get a report of all  changes?

Daily date heading frequency only goes to 60
Question: I would like the date heading frequency to be 250 but the limit appears to be 60.  Any way to fix this? 

No vertical lines in date headings
Question My date headings don't show vertical lines separating the months.  Is there a way to change this?

Display the date line in back of symbols and bars
Question: Is there a way to display the date line so it shows in back of symbols and bars instead of in front of them? 

Can't Change Task Row Heights
Question: I am unable to adjust row height by dragging with the mouse anymore. This problem just appeared and occurs in every milestones file.

Did you miss the last newsletter?  Here's what was included:
  • Symbol Text sampler
  • New Getting Started Movie
  • Stoplight 1-2-3
  • Easy Resource Leveling
  • More Tips and Tricks

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