KIDASA Software Inc. Programmers News - Milestones Professional and Simplicity

October 2007 - With the release of Milestones Professional 2008, many additional methods and properties have been added.   From within Milestones Professional, choose Help and then Automation Help for complete details.
June 2006 - Programming/automation help has been updated.  Download the Milestones Professional 2006 update to get the latest automation help.  This help is available via the Help menu in Milestones Professional.
May 2006 - VB Examples have been updated
March 2006 - Automation help is available via the Milestones Professional 2006 help menu.  Online help is also available.
March 2006 - These new methods were added to Milestones Professional 2006
.IsMilestonesMinimized .DisplayEACReport
.AutosizeRows .SetToolboxSymbolProperty
.AddToMasterScheduleList .GetMiscProperty
.UpdateMasterSchedule .SetScheduleTag
.SetTaskLineVisibility .Savepdf
.SortTasksBySymbolDate .SetTasklineFontColor
.GetColumnProperty added new ev columns
.SetColumnProperty added new ev columns