Excel OLE Automation Example #5

This example uses OLE Automation to generate schedule for a specific resource, taken from an Excel spreadsheet:
  • User runs the VBA macro "MakeMiles"
  • A form is populated with available Resource Names from the spreadsheet. 
  • User selects the desired resource name
  • "MakeMiles" creates a Milestones schedule of that resource's tasks.
To try this example
The Milestones Professional Schedule:
To try this example:
If you would like to try this example, do this:
1    Download the MilestonesOLEExcelExample5.zip file
2    "Unzip" the file to a folder on your computer.
4   Start Excel and open the MilestonesOLEExcelExample5.xls file.
5     In Excel, choose Macro on the Tools menu, then choose Macros.
6   Click to select the "MakeMiles" macro.
7   Click the run button.
(This download is recommended for those familiar with Visual Basic and Microsoft Excel).
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