Excel OLE Automation Example #3

Here's a simple example of how you might use Milestones Professional's OLE Automation to take information from an Excel spreadsheet and generate a schedule with a DataGraph.
To try this example
The Spreadsheet (partial)

The Milestones Professional Schedule:

To try this example:
1    Download the MilestonesOLEExcelExample3.zip file
2    "Unzip" the file to a folder on your computer.
3 Copy the Template (ExcelTemplate3.mtp) to your Milestones Professional Personal template folder.
4 Start Excel and open the ExcelExample.xls file.
5     In Excel, choose Macro on the Tools menu, then choose Macros.
6 Click to select the "CreateOutlinedSchedule" macro.
7 Click the run button.
(This download is recommended for those familiar with Visual Basic and Microsoft Excel).
Note:  The DataGraph and ValueSet are defined in the template and are automatically generated using the numbers in the "Mail Qty" Column.  The numbers are spread over the duration of the task's time frame.
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