Excel OLE Automation Example #2

Here is a more advanced example of how you might use Milestones Professional's OLE Automation interface with Excel. 
To try this example
  • Produces a schedule for each sheet in the Excel Workbook.
  • Each sheet represents a condominium building project.  The Excel worksheet (shown below the schedule), includes:
    • contractor name
    • the type of contract (hook up gas, cabinets, ...)
    • Contract total $
    • $ paid (used) to date
    • % of work complete
    • The program calculates the % of money remaining and compares it to the %of work remaining.
    • The % of work remaining and % of money remaining are displayed as a pie symbol.
    • The "performance indicator" column gives a quick way of telling whether the subcontract is in trouble (red), doing ok (yellow) or doing very well (green).  The colors are based on how the % of work remaining compares to the % of money remaining.

The schedule (click the schedule image for a larger version)

To try this example
If you would like to try this example, click here to download a zip file which contains:
  • MilestonesOLEExcelExample2.xls - The Excel spreadsheet with data and program
  • ExcelTemplate2.mtp - The Milestones Professional template used by the program
(This download is recommended for those familiar with Visual Basic and Microsoft Excel).
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