"Logarithmic" Time Scales

This article applies to older versions of Milestones (version 2012 or earlier.)  For Milestones Professional 2015, click here.

Here's a question our support team answered that we thought we would pass on to you.
Q: I want to display a heading that displays a sort of logarithmic time scale.  I want to show one year compressed for historical tracking and the current year more spread out.   How can I do that? 
A: Custom headings is what you are after.  Note the following schedule segment which shows only the date headings.  Two custom headings are used.  The first is the first level (PRIOR, FY97 ...).  The second is the second level (92, 93 ...)
wpe4.gif (3225 bytes)
Here is the setup for the first custom heading:
Here is the setup for the second custom heading:wpe54.gif (6035 bytes)
Notice that the yearly time periods are actually months on the schedule.
Tip: Remember to select the Custom Heading is Embedded in Schedule Option!  This will ensure that your schedule is portable.  If you don't choose this option, the heading information is stored in an external file which may not be accessible to you on other computers.