Symbol Notes

Do your symbols need explaining?

Symbol notes are your answer. The flexibility of symbols notes takes annotating your symbols to the next level.

Add up to 10,000 characters to a symbol.
Symbol note

Adding a picture to your symbol note might be a good idea.

You can easily add images to symbol notes to show the progress of a particular task, or maybe to show more information than text alone can show.

Symbol Note with Picture

Heighten the importance of your symbol using the large amount of formatting options available. You can format the font, font size, font color, background, background shading/gradient, border, and connection symbol:

Symbol note formatting

Other great things about Symbol Notes:
  • Symbol Notes can be set to be hidden or viewed easily, making it a great option for presentations.
  • Symbol Notes move with your symbols, if you have to shift your dates around. Great for projects with frequent changes.
  • You can build a "Note Report" which compiles all of the notes onto a single report, so you can print it out and hand it out at meetings.
  • Easily convert your symbol text to symbol notes, which are much more flexible

Learn how to add images to Symbol Notes