Display only a bar - Use "Null" or invisible symbols

        In many cases, as in the example below, only a bar is needed on a schedule for most tasks.  In this case, while Milestones software still uses symbols to represent start and end dates, these symbols are the "null" or invisible type.

  To add a blank/null symbol to the toolbox:
1 In the toolbox, double-click a symbol which will be changed to the null symbol.
2 In the Standard Shapes list, choose # 28.
3 Click the Text and Date Properties tab.
4 Repeat for the symbol at the other end of the bar.   You now have a bar with no symbols on the ends.
  Locate a null symbol you have already placed
  Sometimes, it's tricky to locate a null symbol once placed (since it's invisible!)

For example, on this schedule, it's easy to see that there are quite a few invisible symbols at the start and end of each bar.  But, could there be more?


  In Version 2008 and 2010, choose Highlight Invisible Symbols on the View tab, to show a marker for all of the non-visible symbols.

  • The vertical line symbols (#17, 18, 26 and 27) are good substitutes for the null symbol because they are visible, yet unobtrusive.
  • A null symbol can be used when you want to display a bar with no symbols. In this case, the symbol should be defined as a normal symbol in your toolbox.
  • A null symbol might also be used to display text somewhere on the task row. In this case, the symbol should be defined as a comment symbol in your toolbox.