Track and Manage Resources Across Multiple Projects

Milestones Professional offers many tools for managing multiple projects. 

Projects can be managed in separate schedule files and later combined into a master schedule.  (Click here to read about master schedules).  Master schedules are great if there are several project managers who are in charge of their own scheduling.

If one person is in charge of scheduling all projects, all schedules can be kept on one schedule.  This makes it easy to see "at a glance" if there are any scheduling conflicts.  For example, if the same work crew is scheduled for two different jobs at the same time, this can be readily identified and corrected.

The "Multi-Project Schedule" below shows several ongoing projects.  Each project has a series of steps with an associated time frame.  The task bars used to show the time frame are color-coded based on the resource used. 

That way, the project manager in charge of scheduling the work can take a quick look at the work and see if there are any conflicts.  Then, he can either assign a different work crew to the job, or change the schedule.

Sort the schedule to see resource conflicts
On a long schedule with many projects, Milestones Professional's "sort" feature can be very useful.  To sort the above schedule by resource, select the "Resource" column and choose Tools | Sort Tasks Using Selected Column.  Once the schedule is sorted (as shown below), it's easy to see the conflicts. 

For example, you can see that Resource "A" is over-scheduled for May, June and July.  The project manager will have to either reschedule the work or find another work crew.

Download and Try!
Download this schedule:  If you have Milestones Professional installed, try this!
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