Sort Tasks - Get Large Projects Under control

Milestones Professional offers sorting in either ascending or descending order by any of the following:

Choose Edit | Undo Sort, to revert back to the original schedule after sorting. Once you sort and then make a change to the schedule, you cannot undo the sort.
Click here for a tip on how to create a schedule that can be resorted to the "original" schedule.

Use this schedule as a reference for the sorted schedules to follow:

Sort task lines by date
  1. Choose Tools | Sort Tasks | By Date.

  2. Choose Ascending or Descending order.
  3. Sort by First Date or Last Date on the task line.
  4. Optionally, choose to keep the Outline Structure of the schedule.




Below, the dates are in ascending order from earliest to latest according to the first date on each task line:


Sort task lines by a selected column
  1. Highlight the key column for sorting, as shown below left.
  2. Choose Tools | Sort Tasks | Using Selected Column as Key...
  3. As shown below right, choose Ascending/Descending and a type of column text.
  4. Click OK.

Below are the results of the sort, with employee names grouped in alphabetical order.

Sort task lines by multiple columns
  1. Choose Tools | Sort Tasks.

  2. Choose Using Multiple Columns as Key to bring up the Multi-Column Sort dialog box.

  1. Click either Sort in Ascending Order or Sort in Descending Order.
  2. Click All Task Lines.
  3. Check up to three columns. (First Key Column, Second Key Column and Third Key Column).
  4. Beneath each column that is , choose the column to be sorted.
  5. For each column being sorted, choose either Text, Numeric, Currency, or Date.
  6. Save the sort settings.
  7. Click OK.

Below are the results of the sort, with tasks grouped by Project/Employee first, then in ascending order based on the Budget value.