Level Resources with Milestones Professional

Resource leveling helps project managers balance resources (such as people or equipment) over time.

When faced with a number of projects and a fixed number of resources, a manager must prioritize the projects and allocate the resources to the projects. 

Milestones Professional offers a simple resource leveling technique which many customers find useful.

See this example:
On the above example, the project manager can "level" the resources ("men") by
  • Dragging the orange bars over the timeline.
  • Changing the number of "men" in the project. (Allocating more or fewer resources to the project)
On the project chart above, the # of men needed per week is shown below.  As you can see, the peak requirement for manpower is about 10 men for a 4 week period:
As the bars move, the graph below the schedule change accordingly.  See what happens when all projects are moved to February and March:
When the work is concentrated into February and March, the requirements for manpower increases to 22.78 (peak for a 2 week period):
Download this schedule:

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