Create a Presentation Master Schedule

From several Microsoft Project Server Projects

Milestones Professional can work with Microsoft Project Server 2010 or later.  It's possible to combine several published schedules from Microsoft Project Server and generate a single Milestones presentation chart.
View complete (Milestones Professional Version 2015) help for Milestones Professional's Microsoft Project interface

NOTE: This process is described for Milestones Professional 2012. 

The latest version (2015) offers a new "nickname" feature which, for users of 2012, renders this process obsolete.  2015 users, please view this movie:  Multi Project Refresh Using Nicknames

In this article, you will learn how to:
  • combine Microsoft Project Server files into a single master file.
  • import that master file into Milestones for presentation.
  • refresh that Milestones presentation schedule.

This Milestones schedule shows what we want to create: a summary of multiple Microsoft Project files.

Then, we simply want to "refresh" this presentation schedule with the latest Microsoft Project changes.


First, logon to Microsoft Project Server.

Create a Microsoft Project Master Schedule
Next, for this example, we inserted 3 of the projects which we stored on Project server.
Within Microsoft Project:
  1. Insert Project, Project 2

  2. Insert Project, Project 3

  3. Insert Project, Project 5


Don't publish this project to the Project Server; instead, save it locally as a file.







Here is the resulting Milestones schedule, which we can now format to meet any reporting needs.

After some basic formatting changes, this is our executive-level Milestones presentation schedule.

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