Build a "Free Form" Presentation Chart
Update it with Microsoft Project Dates

Do you have a presentation milestone chart you would like to update regularly with dates from Microsoft Project?  Would you like to design it yourself instead of using one of the standard wizard choices?

It's possible to build the schedule "free-form".  Schedules like the one below can be built freeform. Then, "tagging" symbols with the Microsoft Project unique ID, followed by the name of the date field and the name of the field to be used for symbol text.  Once built and tagged, you can use Milestones refresh to keep your schedule up-to-date whenever your Microsoft Project schedule changes. 

This method is ideal for building Integrated Master Schedules (IMS) for program management.
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Tag a symbol to link it to a Microsoft Project Task
Tag each symbol with the corresponding unique identifier, date field, and an optional field for Symbol Text:
1. Double-click a symbol to access the Symbol Properties.
2. Click on the “Symbol Links” tab.
3. In the “Automation Tag” entry-box, enter the Unique ID value and date field name, separated by a comma with no spaces.
4. If you want to attach a value from a Microsoft Project field as symbol text, add another comma and the name of that field, with no spaces.

Interactively Link Tasks and Symbols
If you have a dual monitor system (a computer with two monitors), then you can interactively tag symbols and tasks to a selected Microsoft Project Task.
Tag a Symbol
1. In Project, select the task..
2. In Milestones, right click a symbol to be linked.
3. The first time, choose Link to MS Project ….
4. Set the date field and the ID field to be used.
5. Choose Tag.
6. For subsequent symbols, choose the option immediately below which does not prompt for the date and ID field. Use this option until you want to change the date field. (The same ID field must be used throughout the schedule).
Tag a Row
1. In Project, select the task.
2. In Milestones, right click a task row to be linked.
3. Choose Link to active MS Project Task.

Tag a row to link it with a Microsoft Project field
Tag each row of your Milestones schedule with the corresponding Unique ID number from your MPP file so that column values which are tagged will be updated with values from Microsoft Project tasks.
In Milestones:
1. Double-click a task row
2. In the Automation Tag entry-box on the Cell Settings tab, enter the appropriate Unique ID value

Keep the schedule up-to-date
Now that you have tagged your schedule’s task rows, column headings, and symbols, you can update the schedule with data from an MPP file.
1. Save your tagged Milestones schedule.
2. Choose the Connections tab in the Microsoft Project section.
3. Choose Refresh Previously imported Project.
4. Choose the Microsoft Project file to be used to update the Milestones schedule.
5. In the Refresh Options window, check the refresh choices applicable to your schedule, then click the “Refresh” button.

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The above method is an ideal reporting method for Integrated Master Schedules which need to be updated from Microsoft Project plans.  It's also possible to create Integrated Master Schedules and update them from Oracle's Primavera product.  Click here to learn more.