Export Directly to Microsoft Project

  The easiest way to move a Milestones Professional schedule over to Microsoft Project is by using the Export Data...Direct to Microsoft Project option, located on the File menu. 
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  Send your Milestones schedule to Microsoft Office Project:
Choose Export to Project within the Microsoft Project section of the Connections tab.
   Export to Project
Select your task column


3 Press the Create Microsoft Project Schedule (s) button.  If Microsoft Project is not running on your computer, Milestones will start it.  (Microsoft Project is required for this operation).  Once started, Milestones will create a new Microsoft Project schedule.  One task will be created for each task on the Milestones schedule.  If the Milestones schedule has several milestones on a task row, then multiple sub-tasks will be created in Microsoft Project.  Single milestones will be exported to separated tasks.  However, if the tasks are connected to a dependent symbol, the interface will assume that this is a typical Start+Finish combination.  Similarly, if a symbol is a baseline start or baseline finish symbol in Milestones (as set in the Milestones toolbox), the interface will export the symbol as a baseline date in Microsoft Project.
  This Milestones schedule is unlike any format possible in Microsoft Project.  However, it is possible to move the schedule information into Project.  

This row from the above Milestones Professional schedule is exported.

Resulting Microsoft Project tasks:

On the Milestones Professional schedule, the IFL's row contains several milestones.  Each is labeled with symbol text to indicate the milestone name.

When exported, each of the milestones is exported to a separate Microsoft Project task and the symbol text is used for the task name.  Note that in Milestones , there can be up to three rows of symbol text.  If there is more than one row of symbol text found with a symbol on the Milestones schedule, the symbol text will be put together so that it is one long string.

  If, however, there are several bars on the Milestones row, like this:
  then, the tasks will be exported like this:

Notes about this interface:
  • If a symbol is a comment symbol or a status symbol (as designated in the toolbox), it will not be exported.
  • Best attempts will be made by the export logic to match up the correct start date with the correct finish date.  However, after you export your schedule you should check it over to make sure that the results were what you expect.  (This is not an exact process).
  • If you would like the Milestones chart to be "tagged" for refresh later, when you update the Microsoft Project schedule, choose the Tag this schedule for later refresh checkbox.
  • The interface has the "smarts" to export a Milestones Professional master schedule hierarchy.  If your schedule is a Milestones Professional master schedule and you would like to export the entire hierarchy, choose the Generate multiple Microsoft Project schedules for this Master Schedule option.

Contact support@kidasa.com if you have any suggestions for this interface!

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