Custom Project Import Templates
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What if you find a chart format in the Microsoft Project wizard which is almost what you are looking for, but not exactly.  It might be missing a critical column you need or it might need a custom heading, extra stoplight column, customized legend or special coloring.  This can all be accomplished with a custom project import template.  Creating Microsoft Project reports will be easier than ever.
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How to Build, Save and Use a Custom Project Import Template

Note: Steps A, B, and C need to be done once to set up your custom template. Afterward, just follow step D to import your project information.

A - BUILD: Import one of your Microsoft Project Schedules

  1. On the Connections tab choose Create Report from Project.
  2. Pick a Microsoft Project schedule.
  3. In the Project to Milestones wizard, choose Use a built in Template.
  4. Choose from one of the built-in templates.
  5. Customize options for the template you choose.
  6. Begin the import process by pressing Finish.

 B - CUSTOMIZE: Customize the Template

  Make the changes you want to make to your schedule (saved in step A-4)  
Schedule changes which are appropriate: Things to avoid changing:
  Adding columns.
 Customizing the legend.
Adding freeform text and arrows.
Changing the date headings.
  The type of a symbol (whether a symbol is normal, baseline, comment or status)
The "automation tag" for a column.
order of the original columns (Do not move the original columns).

C - SAVE: Save the Template

  1. On the Connections Tab, choose Save Custom Project Template on the Microsoft Office Project Section.
  2. If desired, enter a description for this template.
  3. Press OK.
  4. Save the schedule in a folder you will not delete or move.
Connections tab 

D - IMPORT YOUR PROJECT FILE: Import using the Custom Template for Microsoft Project reports.

  1. On the Connections tab choose Create Report from Project.
  2. In the Project to Milestones wizard, choose Import using a custom template.
  3. Press Next.
  4. Pick the custom template you saved in Step 3.
  5. Choose options and press Finish to import the Microsoft Project file.
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