Internet Publishing

Use Milestones' Internet Publishing Wizard to quickly and easily create schedule graphics and HTML pages, ready for uploading. And, you don't have to know a thing about HTML.
Create a hierarchy of linked HTML pages
If your schedule has hyperlinks to other schedules, those hyperlinks are transformed into web page hotspots for drill-down capabilities, as shown below. Thus, just publish the top-level schedule as HTML and all linked schedules become linked HTML pages with graphics, as well.
Create a tiered hierarchy of HTML pages
Milestones' Tiered Hierarchy Internet publishing option creates many HTML pages...the first of which is a rolled-up summary schedule. In the web browser, the user clicks on a summary line to reveal the details below. Great for management's need to see the big picture and drill-down when needed.
In the example below, clicking on Task 1 reveals Task 1's details at outline level two.

**Milestones Simplicity offers only a basic Internet Publishing option, not the Tiered Hierarchy or hyperlinked schedules' HTML output.