Master Schedule - Displaying Costs

Combining the costs of 3 individual schedules into the master schedule
This example shows how the values from a Type 3 ValueSet are summarized when several schedules are combined in one master schedule.
In this case, a project manager (Joe) is in charge of 3 projects: Project 1, Project 2 and Project 3.  Line managers are responsible for maintaining their individual project schedules. 

Joe wants to get the latest schedule every day so he can see if there are any problems.  Each of his line managers has set up a schedule for his project.  The individual schedules show the progress of each task and the expected cost for each task.

Joe has set up a master schedule which summarizes the 3 project schedules.  He gets his updates whenever he needs them just by opening the master schedule.  Milestones Professional locates the line manager's schedules and generates the master schedule.  (The schedules can be on the manager's computer, the company file server, or on the line manager's computers.  In this example, all of the schedules are on one computer).

Setting up the Master Schedule
To set up a new master schedule, just choose Choose File tab|Master/Update section|Master Schedule.  Check Treat the Current Schedule as a Master Schedule. Then, use the Add Schedule button to locate the schedules to be included.  Use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to rearrange the order of the schedules.

Even though there are only 3 line manager schedules, since the top manager would like to get a summary, the first schedule merged in has one task line (All project summary), outlined at level 1.
AllSummary - Single Level 1 Summary Row.
Project1 - This schedule and the schedules for Project 2 and Project 3 are outlined at level 2 and 3.  This way, all the project cost and schedule information will be accumulated into the All Project Summary task on the master schedule.
Project 2:
Project 3:
Master Schedule - Combines all task lines from Project1, Project2, and Project3, which then roll up to the All Projects Summary line.
What's interesting about this?
  • The costs for the 3 schedules are combined in the master schedule, yielding a grand total on the All Project Summary line. 
  • Summarization of ValueSets types 2 (task), 3 (column) and 4 (symbol) is done with master schedules.  
  • The cumulative total cost by time period is shown on the DataGraph below the schedule.
  • The master schedule can be maintained by anyone with access to the project schedules.
  • The project schedules can be on a company server or in a shared folder on an individual manager's computer.
  • The master schedule only needs to be set up once.
  • If WBS numbering is used, the manager simply needs to set the master schedule up in the same order as the WBS sequencing. 
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