Schedule Makeover - From Letter Size to Plotter Size


For this schedule makeover, the original letter-sized (8.5 by 11) schedule will be "up-sized" for printing on a large format printer (or plotter).  Milestones software makes going back and forth between formats easy, through the use of templates.
For this schedule makeover example, please UNZIP this file: UPSIZE.ZIP  (Milestones Professional 2008 or later required for this exercise).  Remember where you unzip the files so that you can open them and locate them for the short exercise below.

Upsize a schedule with a template

Open the original schedule

1 On the File tab, choose the file

Upsize the schedule by applying a template

2 On the file tab, choose the small to the right of Open a File .  Then, select Personal Template.
3 Locate the files which you unzipped previously and open the one named plottertemplate.mtp.
In addition to upsizing the schedule size to 36 inches wide by 24 inches wide, this example illustrates other ways a schedule can be changed by a template:
  • "Smartcolumns" have moved.  Although columns with text entered must remain in fixed locations, other columns can be added or removed as shown.  The two columns which previously were placed on the right (Start date and Finish Date), were moved to the left side.  Two new SmartColumns were added (WBS and Outline Level).
  • The color of the current date line is now red.
  • Two curtains were added indicating holiday periods (Christmas shutdown).
  • Grid lines were added.
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