Schedule Makeover - Timeline Schedule

This Makeover shows that sometimes a timeline can be presented two different ways and still be perfectly acceptable.  In this case, while the second timeline was intended to be an improvement on the first, by the time we finished it we all agreed that both timelines deserved a good rating.  Both are perfectly legible and convey information very well.  The second one illustrates "rotated text", a feature sometimes desirable in timelines and also shows all the timeline milestones on a single row, conserving space.  There are a few other differences pointed out below the second timeline.
Timeline of American Presidents
Timeline of American Presidents Fishbone Chart
  • A color theme was applied.
  • Symbology color matches the overall schedule color theme.
  • Symbol text is angled 90 degrees so that all milestones can be placed on a single row.
  • The legend is still a "floating" legend but is made to appear like a fixed legend by sizing it to fit the bottom of the schedule.
  • The number of entries per row in the legend was changed to four (was 1) to make the legend wider.
  • Instead of using red bars for the four "Eras", the eras were added as Custom Date Headings and incorporated in to the timescale at the top of the schedule.
  • The title was widened to match the width of the schedule.