Schedule Makeover - Project Roadmap

Need a good report from your 30,000 task (or more) Microsoft Project schedule? Milestones Professional offer dozens of options. Here is one possibility.
Visual Roadmap or Roadmap
Do you have a presentation milestone chart you update regularly with dates from Microsoft Project?  Would you like to design an Integrated Master Schedule yourself instead of using one of the standard wizard choices?

It's possible to build the schedule "free-form".  Schedules like the one below, sometimes called roadmaps or visual roadmaps can be built freeform.  Then,  "tagging" symbols with the Microsoft Office Project unique ID, followed by the name of the date field and the name of the field to be used for symbol text.  Once built and tagged, you can use Milestones refresh to keep your schedule up-to-date whenever your Microsoft Project schedule changes.  Learn more