Create a project "Hub" with Hyperlinks

Any symbol on a Milestones schedule can have a link to a separate schedule, to a document created with another program, or even to a web page. This capability lets you manage and control all of your project's files from your Milestones schedule.

By clicking any symbol on your schedule, you can instantly view any document related to your project. For example, you might have a detailed specification that was created with Microsoft Word, or financial information about the project that is stored in an Excel spreadsheet. You might even have some information stored on your company's intranet or on a webpage. 

Any or all of these can be easily linked to your schedule and then recalled at any time.  Just right-click a symbol and choose a hyperlink to activate!


The master schedule below shows only the scheduled end dates for a company's projects. Notice that all of the symbols have Hyperlink indicators. These indicate that there are other schedules, documents or Internet URL addresses linked to the symbols. Right-clicking on a symbol with a Hyperlink indicator and then choosing a schedule, document or Internet address, opens that schedule, document or Internet site in the appropriate application.