Set E-mail Reminders

Would you like to automatically launch an e-mail message to be sent on a specific date? Then you will want to use a Launch Hyperlink constraint.  The Launch Hyperlink constraint can be used to display web pages or any other URL. 

To send an e-mail, first set up a "MAILTO:" hyperlink.  Then, set up the constraint.

First, set up an e-mail hyperlink:
1 Right-click a symbol on your schedule.
2 Click Create or Update Hyperlink.
3 Click Add URL.
4 For the URL, type in "MAILTO:emailaddress"  (for example:
Then, set up a Launch Hyperlink constraint:
1 Right-click the symbol that has the "MailTo" hyperlink.
2 Click Edit Constraint.
3 For Constraint Type, choose Launch Hyperlink on this Date.
4 For Constraint Date, specify the date on which you would like the hyperlink launched.
5 If you would like reminder notes to appear, click the Notes tab and type in a reminder in the Notes field.
When the schedule is opened, if the constraint date you specified is on or after the current date (as set in your system´┐Żs clock), the e-mail hyperlink will launch and create a new message, and the reminder note will appear as well.

You now have the option to turn the reminder off by clicking "Do Not Show This Reminder Again," or to set a new reminder date in the "New Reminder Date" entry-box.

You can copy the reminder message and paste it into the body of an e-mail message and send it on the date.