Earned Value Management and Reporting with Milestones Professional

What is Earned Value Management? Earned Value Management (EVM) is a project management system that combines schedule and cost performance to answer the question, “How is the project doing so far and how is it projected to perform?" 

KIDASA has combined Milestones Professional's powerful presentation capability with the flexibility of EVM to produce an earned value reporting tool that simplifies and clarifies the project management process.  A wide variety of earned value project schedules and earned value reports can be created with Milestones Professional.

Milestones Professional can be used as an earned value reporting tool in a stand-alone fashion (where Milestones calculates the earned value).  It can also be used to report earned value calculated in other products, including Microsoft Project and Primavera Project Planner.

earned value example 

Milestones Professional Built-In Earned Value Calculations

In Milestones Professional, Earned Value SmartColumns are pre-programmed with a range of EVM calculations.

Once three fields (Budget at Completion (BAC), Actual Cost (AC) , and % complete)  are entered (or imported) into Milestones Professional, it's possible to calculate the remaining Earned Value Fields:

Earned Value schedules and reports

Once earned value is calculated it's possible to create a wide variety of earned value schedules and earned value reports.  Here are just a few examples:
Earned value reports and schedules


Earned Value Reports
With your Budget at Completion (BAC) and Actual Cost (AC) present in your schedule you can have Milestones Professional  generate a variety of built-in Earned Values Reports.
earned value reports 
You can generate these reports by choosing the Tools tab. Under the Reports section choose Earned Value and select from the list of reports
  • Estimate at Completion
  • Estimate at Completion (from MS Project File...)
  • CPI Report
  • CPI with TCPI Report...
  • SPI Report...
  • Actual Cost/Planned Value/Earned Value Report

View Reports.

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