Distribute and Share Milestones Schedules

Make sure your colleagues and clients stay up to date on the current project by sending, sharing, and presenting your schedules.  KIDASA's Milestones software makes it easy to do just that by offering a variety of distribution options.
Choose from one of the following methods to distribute schedules: 

Use the Milestones Viewer

If your colleagues and clients don’t own a copy of Milestones, they can download the Milestones Viewer. The Viewer allows anyone to view and print a Milestones schedule without making changes to it.

E-mail your schedule as an attachment or keep schedules in a shared folder. Use the Viewer to open the Milestones file to see the latest schedule updates.

The Viewer user can print the schedule, filter, zoom, view symbol notes, access other documents via symbol hyperlinks, toggle between Gantt and calendar views, copy the schedule to the clipboard and more.

The Milestones Viewer can open Milestones Simplicity and Milestones Professional schedules.

Click here to download the free Milestones Viewer!

Free Milestones Viewer Example 
  Step 1 (Milestones User): Send the schedule via e-mail attachment.
  Step 2 (Viewer User): Receives the e-mail.  The attachment has one of these icons:
  Step 3 (Viewer User): Click on the icon and the viewer user reads the schedule.

Publish Schedules for the Internet **

Use the Milestones Internet Publishing Wizard to quickly and easily create schedule graphics and HTML pages-ready for uploading. And you don’t have to know a thing about HTML.

Choose File | Internet Publishing from the menu. The wizard will guide you through the process step by step.

Does your schedule have links to other schedules? No problem. Any hyperlinks are transformed into web page hotspots for drilldown capabilities. Just publish the top-level schedule as HTML and all linked schedules become linked HTML pages as well.

If your schedule is outlined, you can even create a tiered hierarchy with multiple HTML pages. The first page shows only the rolled-up summary schedule.

When the user clicks on a summary line, the sub-tasks for that line are opened to reveal the details below.

Users of Milestones Simplicity will find that they can publish one schedule using the Internet Publishing feature as well. If the schedule includes multiple pages, all pages will be included.


**Milestones Simplicity has only basic Internet Publishing options.    

Create a PDF File

Simply select File | Save as PDF and enter a file name; then when the file has been created, click OK to view the new PDF.

The PDF file automatically includes a bookmark section made up of any bookmarks in the schedule, and optional buttons for hyperlinks. (The first hyperlink for each symbol or task line is included.

Choose Save As PDF on the File menu to save your schedule as a PDF file which you can then share with just about anyone.  More

Copy all Pages to PowerPoint

Perhaps the easiest way to copy your schedule into a presentation is by choosing Edit | Copy All Pages to PowerPoint in Milestones. With one click, your Milestones schedule is placed within Microsoft PowerPoint, ready for you to share, present, and distribute.

Copy and Paste a single page into Microsoft Word or PowerPoint  
You can include schedules in your presentations, reports, proposals, spreadsheets, and more. Milestones allows you to copy and paste your schedule into Microsoft Word.

If you need to paste your schedule as a picture in a Word document, just choose Edit | Copy Metafile to Clipboard in Milestones Professional. In Word, choose Edit | Paste.

You can also embed the schedule within the Microsoft Word document. Embedding gives you editing capabilities to the schedule within the document. In Milestones, click on Edit | Copy Schedule to Clipboard (OLE). Then go to Word and choose Edit | Paste Special. Choose “Milestones Professional Schedule Object” from the menu. Changes made to the schedule will not be saved in the original file. If you would like to make changes to both the original file and the pasted picture, choose Edit | Paste Special in Microsoft Word and Paste Link.

Distribute and Share your Schedules Distribute and Share Schedules
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