Multiple overlapping tasks using multi-level Gantt bar positioning

In addition to Milestones' extensive selection of connector types and patterns, it is also possible to position connectors on 11 different levels in each task row.  Use these multi-level Gantt bars to show overlapping tasks, or to show baseline, actual, and planned dates.

Use connectors positioned at different levels for overlapping tasks.

Up-and-over and down-and-under connectors provide even more levels on one task line.

Schedule and track Baseline, Planned, and Actual dates.

Adjust each row's height as needed.

To change the level of a connector in the toolbox

  1    Double click the start date symbol in the toolbox.
  2  Select the "Text and Date Properties" tab.
  3 Under "Symbol Position," choose a position.
  4 Repeat Steps 1-3 for the end date symbol.

Having trouble selecting the correct symbol because they are placed so close together?


Click the Arrow tool in the ToolBox.


Click once on a symbol.


Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move between symbols.


When you land on your symbol, use CTRL+E to open the Symbol Properties dialog box.


Make any change to the symbol, including its date.