Navigate large schedules with Continuous view or the Keyboard

Continuous Mode makes it easy to navigate forward and backward through the date range, as well as up and down through all pages of a schedule without any page breaks.  Choose View tab, in the Viewing Options section under Page View: choose Continuous, or simply press F8 on your keyboard


Continuous Mode locks the columns in place, and allows free movement in the schedule pane:

Navigating quickly with the keyboard:

Alternately, it is easy to quickly scroll the date range of the schedule using Shift + PgUp or Shift + PgDn.  The number of days the calendar range scrolls in response to these shortcuts is determined in by choosing the Dates tab, in the Start and End Dates section choose the Full Dialog: the Schedule Details dialog box appears, on the Yearly/Monthly tab under Calendar Range Scrolling set the number of days to scroll.