Case Study - Milestones helps Raytheon win United States Air Force Recognition

Raytheon Optical Systems, chosen to work on the largest United States Air Force (USAF) Optical Space Tracking Facility, was recently complimented by the Air Force for its program scheduling and communication efforts produced with KIDASA's Milestones software.

Louis Damis, Sr. Program Planning and Scheduling Specialist at Raytheon, used Milestones, Etc., to help schedule and communicate his team's work. "Milestones, Etc. is used...for both control and for customer reporting," he said. When used to present his team's work to the USAF, he received direct feedback from the very top.

Lt. Col. David Richards, with the Chief Space Surveillance Systems Branch of the USAF was highly impressed. "Your chartsmanship is first rate," he said. "It's at the perfect level for Air Force managers to understand and follow. I sincerely believe that your schedules are the best I have seen on our entire program."

Louis attributes part of his team's initial success to KIDASA's Milestones  software and has been using the software since version 4.5. He says Milestones continues to meet his needs and is getting even better with each new version. "I am very pleased with the enhancements made over the last several years," he said.

Here are some of the schedules used by Raytheon for this United States Air Force program: