Annotate your Schedule

Enter text in a variety of locations: attached to a symbol; embedded within the symbol; freely floating on the schedule, within a column cell, in the heading of the column, or as part of the chart title.  Milestones Professional has enough flexibility to make annotating your project schedules easy and painless.

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Symbol text

  • Enter up to three lines of text.
  • Text moves with the symbol
  • Customize the position, size and color of the text.
Milestones Professional Symbol Text Sampler 

Symbol notes

  • * In Milestones Professional 2012 and later: Show symbol notes on the schedule without hovering.
  • Enter up to ten thousand characters of text in each symbol's Symbol Notes field.
  • Hover over symbol to read symbol notes.
  • Option to print separate sheet of Symbol Notes.
  • Choose to highlight and auto-number symbols with Notes.

Milestones Professional Symbol Notes Sampler


Free-form text

  • Type text anywhere on the schedule.
  • Free-form text does not move with a symbol or with a task line.
  • Format the text, background, frame, and more.
Milestones Professional Freeform Text Sampler