The Ultimate "To Do" List - Revisited

  A basic, effective 'To-Do List'  will have:
  • A list of task which need to get done
  • A way to tell who needs to perform each task
  • An indication of the status of each task
Instead of crossing out items, trying to squeeze in unreadable notations or making multiple list rewrites use Milestones Professional, and go beyond a basic 'To-Do List'.
The following schedule shows an example of a 'To-Do List' created with Milestones Professional. All the important elements of an effective to do list are present. Milestones Professional has built in options that will let you dress up your to-do list.  By making your to do list easy on the eyes and organized, a goal oriented list maker can have more confidence that all tasks will be accomplished. 


This Software Handbook To Do List shows important elements in a software handbook project.  

Put together your own Ultimate To-Do List

    Milestones Professional:
1   Choose New (Wizard) on the File tab.
2   Choose Select Predesigned Template
3   Under Template Category, choose To Do List.
4   Choose the template named To Do List.
5   Build your to do list according to the instructions on the template.  (Hint: Print the template with the instructions and keep them with you as you try the to do list!)

Additional To-Do list templates available for download:


Download the above To Do List Example:    Version 2008    Version 2010



Download the above To Do List Example:     Version 2010 or later  

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