Substitutable Symbol Text Strings

  • More options when using & commands to show a value or text.

Use substitutable text strings as symbol text entries to display these values/text: column text, duration, used duration, remaining duration, amount ahead/behind schedule, baseline duration, and percent complete.


Column Text

&col01, &col02, &col03,...&col19, &col20

Normal Duration


Used Duration


Remaining Duration


Ahead or Behind Duration 


Baseline Duration


Percent Complete



&vs1 for ValueSet 1, &vs2 for ValueSet2, ...... &vs9 for ValueSet 9.  This will display the value for any Symbol ValueSet which is defined.  

Example 1:
Enter the & command in the symbol text line.
Result: The task duration appears as the symbol text.  (The SmartColumn is not required; it is only shown for effect.)
Gantt bar
Example 2:
Enter text and an & command in the symbol text line.