Task Outlining

All Milestones software offers task outlining.  Milestones Simplicity offers a basic outlining capability for organizing your tasks while Milestones Professional offers additional functionality such as task roll-up and summary bars.  This article discusses the basic outlining which is common to all three products. 
The Outline Level SmartColumn lets you assign the outline level for each task.

Outlining your project steps makes it easier to show the sub-tasks for an individual task line. Tasks can be assigned a level from 1 to 20, with 1 being the default value.

The Outline Level SmartColumn displays the outline level (1-20) of each of your project tasks.
To add an Outline Level SmartColumn:
  1. Choose Insert | Column | Outline Level.
  2. Double-click the column heading to change its title and other properties.
To change the outline level of a task:
  1. Use the buttons on the toolbar.
  2. Enter an outline level in the outline level column
  3. While holding down Alt and Shift, press the Right Arrow key to indent or the Left Arrow key to outdent.
  4. Right-click with the mouse and choose one of these options:

Note: The minimum indenting value is .10

Indent column text based on outline level
When outlining a schedule to show a hierarchy of activities such as Project, Phase, Task, Sub-task; you may want to indent each hierarchical level to set them apart from each other.

To set up a task column to be indented based on outline level:

  1. Double-click the column heading for the column whose entries (text, values, etc.) you want indented based on outline level.
  2. Double-click the column heading to change its title and other properties.
  3. Under Indenting for Outlining, enter an indent amount (.2 is an effective outline indention) next to Space per outline level to indent column text.