Add Shadows to all areas of the Schedule


All at once:

On the Format tab of Milestones Professional, choose Shadows and Highlights to instantly format a schedule to include shadows and highlighting on all applicable symbols. Selecting this option turns on all the shadow options for symbols, connectors, title, chart, DataGraph, and legend.

In Simplicity, shadows can be added individually.  See Simplicity help for complete instructions.

It's also possible to add shadows individually:


Add a shadow to the title:

Click the title and the toolbar changes to the Selection tab with Current Object: Chart Title.

In the Border and Shadow section choose a Shadow: option and color.

Add a shadow to the schedule:

Draw a shadow around a schedule with square corners:

1. Choose the Format tab.

2.  In the Frame, Highlights section choose Background color, border, frame corners.  The Frame and Background Options dialog box appears.

3.  In the Frame Edges and Shadow section check on Draw Shadow.

4.  Under Shadow Color choose a color.

5. Under Shadow Size: select the appropriate size radio button.

Add a shadow to the legend:


Draw a shadow around a legend with square corners:

1. Click on the legend the toolbar will change to Current Object: Legend.  Select Switch to Full Legend.

2. In the Legend Size and Frame Settings section, check on Draw Shadow.

3. Click the scroll arrow and choose the shadow size.

4. Select the Shadow Color.

Add a shadow to freeform text:

1. Click the freeform text

2. The toolbar changes to the selection tab Current Object: Freeform Text.

3. Check on Show Shadow.

4. Choose the shadow color.