Compare Milestones Professional 2015 to Milestones Simplicity 2015

  Milestones Professional 2015    Milestones Simplicity 2015
Basic features:
     Easy click-and-drag scheduling
     Extensive Symbology
     Great looking schedules
     Clone current schedule
     Lots of formatting options
     Find in files  
Presentation Features    
    Presentation-Quality Schedules
    Logarithmic Time Scales    
    Gradient fills
    Position Symbols and Bars at 11 levels
    Frame shadows
    Shade tasks by outline level 
    Attach extensive notes to any symbol
    Custom date headings
    Design your own symbols
    International currency, date and number formatting
    Presentation "slide-show" mode  
    "Curtains" to shade date ranges  
    Full screen mode  
    Color Themes  
    Two colors in a horizontal connector  
    Shading based on outline level    
Work with other products:    
     Paste schedules into other documents
     Copy all pages to PowerPoint
     Import/Export Microsoft Project  
     Import Primavaera via XML  
     Link a symbol to a document or web page   
     Work with Excel    
     Import/Export to MS Outlook   
     Programming interface     
Tracking Numbers with the schedule:    
     Column Calculations    
     A way to report earned value     
     Earned Value Calulations  
Ways to work with large projects:    
    Task Outlining
    Find and Replace text
    A continuous scrolling view  
    The ability to collapse and expand tasks  
    Summary bars   
    Symbol Links  
    A robust filter capability   
    An easy way to sort your schedule   
    An easy master schedule capability   
Distribute and Share your Milestones Schedules    
    Publish a single schedule
    Publish a set of schedules   
    Save as PDF
    Copy all pages to PowerPoint
    Free viewer
    Easy click-and-drag scheduling
    Status Line
    Symbols and Horizontal Bars Fill to Status
    Shift the schedule ahead or behind by a number of days.
    Recurring Tasks
    Dependency Mode
    Vertical Links
    Baseline Scheduling  
    Summary Bars  
    % Complete   
    Reminder Constraints  
    Email Automatically Based on A Constraint   
    Start and End Date
    Task Number
    Outline Level
    Calculation / Indicator   
    Symbol Text  
    Resource Allocation Percent    
    % Complete    
    WBS Number   
    Status date  
    Time ahead/behind  
    Baseline start, end, duration  
    Symbol count  
    Microsoft Project  
    Date from Symbol Automation Tag  
    Value Set  
Earned Value    
    Built-in earned value reports.  
    Built-in earned value calculations